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Manya Michailidis Sports Therapy is committed to providing the best in customer service. Offering professional and friendly assistance to the customer for whatever they may need.

That is why She can be proud of her continued success in satisfying one customer after the other.

Don’t just take this word for it-be sure to read through some customer testimonials, and you’ll see why Manya Sports Therapy is the best in the business!

Thanks my manya for the picture of course, but for a lot more! For supporting me, for your kindness, for all your help. I will never forget those moments we shared during those 2 weeks in the locker room, just amazing. You are amazing! Love you, big hug
Marion Bartoli, Wimbledon Ladies 2013 Champion
Manya and I have worked together as therapist and client since her qualification in 94.
Through bad sciatica, Manya’s therapy enabled me to continue competing at an international level, pain free! As a hurdler my body needed a strong but quality therapist. Without Manya’s therapy, advice and professionalism, my career may not have been as successful.
Mel Wilkins, UK 100m Hurdles Champion, Denmark
I became a client of Manya’s not because I am a sports professional but because I sit at a desk all day at work. My shoulders would get very stiff and I suffered frequently from headaches. Manya was excellent. Her massages are not for the faint-hearted but they absolutely sorted out the knots in my shoulders and my headaches eased. She is a very welcoming and professional therapist, committed to her clients. In addition to the massage Manya gave me exercises to help release the muscular tension in my neck and shoulders. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who suffers from postural back problems and headaches.
Amanda S
For nearly 2 years I had a horrid pain in my shoulder which the usual painkillers, anti-inflammatories and physio treatments didn’t touch. I couldn’t do my usual day to day activities or my sport and trying to get a good nights sleep was impossible!!! A friend suggested I tried Manya and thank goodness they did! After a number of treatments (tortures!!) I now have full movement and a pain free shoulder. Manya is very professional and offers a fully integrated approach, she takes no nonsense and no excuses from her clients and the results speak for themselves. I can highly recommend Manya.
Ruth A

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