Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody. All the group classes are mixed with various age ranges and various abilities. If you’re under 16 you will need permission from an adult. Also if you have any underlying medical conditions that a doctor has been monitoring it would be best to seek their advice prior to participation.

The classes are currently held online via Zoom, in the comfort of your own home.

There are mats available however please feel free to bring your own if you would prefer not to use shared equipement. If you have a mat for Pilates it is suggested that the mats are at least 10mm thick. I do also sell mats at £15. Also bring a small water bottle.
Please wear any comfortable clothing, that is loose fitting and does not restrict movement. Pilates is typically done in bare feet, so please wear protective foot wear, such as socks if you have any foot infections.
Classes will run weekly. Please contact me directly to advise of your attendance. All participants will need to complete a short medical and health questionnaire before participating.

Please see the booking and prices page for further details.

Classes are run weekly, however blocks will need to be bought as payment. This is to encourage you to regularly attend, and the more classes you buy the cheaper it will become.

Please see the booking and prices page for further details.

Thats ok, we all need a holiday nor can we help if we’re ill and its best we stay home in that instance. The blocks of classes will run for so many weeks to allow for this. A block of 5 will be valid for 10 weeks, and the block of 10 will be valid for 20 weeks.
The classes are mat based, and will begin with a light warm-up before we start the Pilates repertoire. Each class will be tailored to its ability with exercises that will challenge, lengthen and enhance your day. At the end of each class there will be short time available for any questions you may have.
Yes on most occasions. Before you participate in your first class you will be asked to complete a short medical and health questionnaire that should cover any areas of uncertainties. It may be necessary to contact your doctor, or practitioner to understand and work together to give you the best possible care and tuition
Yes you can, if you have done Pilates in the past or regularly participated in exercise. You will also need to check with your doctor or midwife before doing any exercise during pregnancy. The class can be modified to take you through your trimesters all the way through to the birth.

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