Your First Visit

DSCF1233_result-300x300Your initial visit will take up to an hour and a half and consists of a personal and medical consultation covering your family history, lifestyle, systems functions (eg. sleep, appetite) and full details of your current complaint/s and any test or investigations that you have had. You will also have the opportunity to discuss in complete confidence any concerns or troubles you may currently be dealing with.

After your consultation I will carry out a number of short non-invasive physical diagnostic tests to enable me to devise the optimum treatment plan for you. This is then followed by your first treatment. Subsequent appointments take up to one hour, and include discussion of your progress and your treatment to date.

How Does it feel?

Many patients are concerned that sports massage maybe painful and to be honest a well performed massage can be uncomfortable. Sports massage is a deep form of massage, to manipulate soft tissue to ease movement and so the more tense your soft tissue is the more uncomfortable it is likely to be. However, it is important to work within the patients comfort levels so that the body remains relaxed and maximum benefit is gained.

Sometimes patients find that their muscles may ache for a day or two after the massage, a good massage is like a workout the muscles are relieved of toxins and increased blood flow to the area can contribute. Many find sports massage relaxing and feel very calm during and after a treatment; you may also feel a little tired or sleepy so if possible, try to arrange a relatively restful and quiet day, especially for your first treatment. It is also advisable not to exercise post treatment and to make sure that you are well hydrated to enhance the recovery.

Additional treatment options

Soft tissue treatment continues to evolve. Sometimes just a hands-on experience is not quite enough and therefore additional treatment options maybe utilised to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment plan, all of which are discussed and explained to you before being employed. Manya is qualified in the following treatments/therapies and fully insured in each of them;

Dry Needling

Kinesio Taping

Dynamic Taping

Cupping Therapy



Korean Hand Therapy

Auricular Therapy

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