TPP Pilates

New to the timetable is Trigger Point Pilates!.. The class is a combination of Pilates with Myofascial Release, using small pieces of equipment, breath and body weight. This allows us to release tightness within the body whilst strengthening the core at the same time, to provide long lasting results.

Benefits that can be gained, are lengthened muscles, which will  move more freely, and pain free too.  This in turn increases flexibility allows for a better posture, improved posture relieves stress, less stress makes us happier people. These are only few of the perks, there are several more, and the best way to find out is to come on down and participate in the class..

This class will be on Wednesday evenings at 7pm, All Saints School, Wokingham. Spaces are limited so please get int touch to guarantee a place.


Thanks Manya