People often ask the question, “Is sports massage for me?”. The answer is a relatively simple one. A resounding yes. Sports Massage is for everyone!

Sports massage is often misunderstood as only being necessary for sports men and women. This is not the case, it is for everyone! Sports massage benefits are vast..

  • Relieves stress
  • Improves posture
  • Prevents injury
  • Reduces daily aches and pains

Sports massage is so named as it is a more dynamic form of massage over other therapeutic massages. A good sports massage, is designed to discover the cause of the discomfort, looking at the bigger picture so to speak. But this applies to all. Be it a sore achilles tendon after a run, or an ache in the shoulder, after a day at work.

Both of these situations have come as a result, of some form of dysfunction with the body regular movement pattern. The discomfort that you are experiencing is your body telling you that it is having to work harder than normal, and if it must continue in this way, it is likely injury will occur. It is important to always listen to your body, it does not create pain for no reason.