Strength from within…

Running has an incredible impact on the body – and whilst most people think the knee and the ankle are the major joints that take on stress – the spine plays a very important part in it too.

The strengthening of the spine through classic Pilates moves can help to prevent lower back pain commonly caused by:

  • Compression of the posterior spinal structures due to impact
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Tight hip flexors
  • Poor core strength
  • Poor pelvic stability

All of these attribute to towards poor pelvic posture and therefore, poor body biomechanics. Where the body is weak, other areas are forced to over work to compensate and as a result, stress and eventually injury results.

Overall, Pilates is widely recognised and recommended as a highly effective way to maintain a strong and functional posture through our daily lives – and workouts. Whilst I’ve only touched on a few key areas here, the complete postural alignment and strength that Pilates can help you achieve will only work wonders in helping you run better, harder, faster and stronger.